Why a Good Web Design is Essential for Your New Business


Small business owners often make the mistake of paying for cheap web design. Cheap web design generally details a lackluster design, difficult navigation and zero benefit for search engine placement.
So why is a good design important for a business website?

Reason 1: To capture a visitor’s attention

Just like the old saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Unfortunately, the majority of people will make their decision based on the design jacket of a book – this goes equally so for a website.

You only have a few split seconds to capture a visitor’s attention; a cheap design will look unprofessional and result in the visitor leaving soon after landing on your page. A great design, however, will keep them locked in and will get them to dig deeper into your website which can later result in a sale. Men doing some web hosting Canada reviews know more about this.

Reason 2: Easy navigation lets customers find their products and services

Good design for a business website goes well beyond just the visual appeal – it also needs great navigation. Navigation is the process that a visitor will take to find your products and services; if your navigation is difficult than they will give up and leave.

From the ground up, have your business website built with the end user in mind. Make the navigation process from landing page to check out a simple as possible – don’t make them think. Use common web practices and call-to-action to help guide your visitor throughout your website.

Reason 3: Great design give you room to expand

Another essential reason why your business needs a good web design is that in the result that your business becomes successful you will be able to expand without growing pains. A bad design will show itself as it increasingly becomes clunky and difficult for new visitors.

Avoid the growing pains at your business by laying a strong framework into your design that will be flexible in the future. Ensure that every element that you integrate into your website (such as a shopping cart) will be able to process the increase in customers and will be reliable for the future.

Reason 4: Great design helps your search engine placement

Search engine optimization is a widely search subject amongst business owners because it allows them to rank high within search engine placements. A bad design will often come with coding and various elements that will gimp your overall effectiveness of implementing SEO.

From the moment the website is being built you must make sure that it complies with general web practices, uses accurate html tags and has clean CSS to allow the site to run smoothly. A good website design will allow you to then focus on larger SEO factors such as backlinks and content creation – without the headache that they’re ineffective because of cheap on-page optimization and design.


The web is the future of business; it makes no sense to spend so cheaply for your web design when it will really be one of the most important decisions at your business for years to come. This article gave you four different reasons why your business should have a good design; take it and implement it in your business today.

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