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Okay, so I started using a grade calculator, and it has actually done wonders for me. Basically, I’m kind of lazy student, and if I realize that I can still get the grade that I want, without focusing a whole bunch and devoting a whole lot of extra time to studying and things like that for my final exam, I’m going to take the path of least resistance. I do think that the path of least resistance is a bit of a Noble Path, and because I’m not particularly planning on going into further post-secondary once I’m done my degree, it’s nice to know that if I have a high enough Mark and a course, but even if I were to absolutely. Do a horrible job on my final exam, but I would still get the credits and passed the course. And a strange way this actually gives me just more confidence, which is a major factor when I actually do very well on an exam come it and said I’m not super anxious and worried about it, it just kind of seems to help me move forward in a way that is like healthy. You know what I mean? Like, if I know that there’s nothing to panic about, I bring a sort of bees to my preparation and delivery of the exam, and I end up doing better than if I’m super nervous about it. And there’s nothing worse than being super nervous about it, if there’s no reason to be nervous in the first place, which is basically what this website has been able to teach me and has been one of the more important learning experiences as a student for me. So, cheers to this website, that’s awesome final grade percentage calculator, which I will absolutely be using for the rest of my student experience, without a doubt.

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