Poker Runs: How They Work and Their Use


A Poker run is an organized event using a vehicle of transportation. Everything from boats, cars, airplanes, horses, and motorcycles have been used. Individuals will travel a certain distance in a vehicle along a predetermined route to a place. Once they reach that place, they will draw a card(s). The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the journey.
Usually their are prizes for the best hands and even one for the worst hand. To make it more interesting, sometimes wild cards are allowed like a Joker or Deuces. Prizes in most cases are cash prizes. However, some may have certain gifts that are donated as prizes.

Usually a Poker run is to help a certain charity out. The entry fee that accumulates by the number of entrants is used for the charity once, all expenses have been paid for. Sometimes their are special rules set up to make the event more interesting.

Motorcycle poker runs are different. People on bikes tend to mingle with people on bikes. In a way it is like a secret society. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you got or the clothes you wear or the gadgets you buy online like¬†amazon tactical flashlight.¬†However, in recent years, individuals like to dress the part. Leather and Levi’s seem to be in. It is sort of like the “Rebel with a Cause” type of expression than motorcycle riders do.

The Poker Run is usually divided up in groups of 5 to 7. When a group arrives at a certain point, they draw a card. The drawn card is recorded for the individual. Sometimes a rider can draw up to 7 cards and only use the best five for a hand. there is no time limit. this allows the riders to take their time and enjoy the day and fresh air. Many times groups will stop and visit with other groups at locations along the way. Some eat and drink together. Others pass on information about the next Poker run that is coming up in the future. At the end of the day, they all converge on one location and check hands to see who the winners are.

Poker runs are usually held when the weather is great like spring, summer, or fall. Riders come from all walks of life. There are doctors, lawyers, executives, and blue collar workers. Many riders will take their spouse with them. Most Poker runs last for one day or a weekend. However, there are a few that cover an entire State or set of States over a week.

Many times people traveling by that see large crowds of bikers get nervous. This is because of their style of dress and and the physical presence that they display. Sometimes there are a few bikers that get loud. However, for the most part, they are out to have fun and enjoy each others company. Sometimes when the cause is great, many more bikers will attend. Some of the safest drivers on the road are bikers.

In the past Poker runs have raised money for Cancer research, March of Dimes, Jerry’s Kids, Fire Departments, Police Benefits, or just people in need. Poker runs not only bring in money for charity but, bring in income to the areas and establishments that they visit. Many times they will notify restaurants that they will be stopping by for lunch. This way meals are prepared in advance. Many communities welcome Poker runs once they get past the fear of large groups of bikers.

So the next time you are out and come across a Poker Run, understand that it is just a group of people out to have fun and probably raise money for a good cause.

There are some web sites dedicated to Poker Runs. One is called Lets Ride . Another is the Myrtle Beach bike Week.

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