A morning person



They say people who are early risers do more things than those who are not. Starting your day early also means more time to work, and spend the remaining hours for things that interest you—be it your passion projects, hanging out with your family, or giving time for yourself.  Even when you slept late laste night after scanning and stalking site for gadget reviews R-Tech24 and other sites for gadgets, waking up, even when the alarm went off already, have been an arduous routine for some, if not all. Hitting the snooze button over and over again may have been the daily routine of someone who considers himself more of a night owl than an early riser.

But believe or not, most of the successful people today are every inch the morning person. Think of businesswoman Martha Stewart, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, and US President Barrack Obama—these guys, and more, have proven that the essence of starting early gets you going for the rest of the day.

Get these six ways to wake up early and get yourself to becoming the morning person that you have always wanted to be.

  1. Sleep early

What else would make you wake up early than hitting the sack early the night before? And to be able to this, make sure you keep your priorities straight. Dr. Tracey Marks, an Atlanta-based psychiatrist and author of Master Your Sleep: Proven Methods Simplified, says that you should trim down your evening obligations and train yourself to sleep early.

“We typically overestimate how much available time we have and take on projects that we have no business committing to,” she says, adding that you should know how to get rid of things that are just consuming your time and not really helping you out on your goals.

Downsizing your dinner is also important before hitting the sack. Avoid munching on chocolate or having coffee or red wine the night before. More importantly, do not sleep right after you eat dinner. Have some bubble bath or sleep on with scented candles if it would make you feel less tense and relaxed.

  1. Set that alarm (and don’t hit the snooze button!)

Have you seen people who have their alarms every 5-10 minutes and then just hit the snooze button until they doze off to wonderland again?

Here’s the trick: Set your alarm with the most annoying tone you have in your phone so that it would really wake you up. Better yet, place it at the far end of your room so you really have to get up just to shut it out.

  1. Drink a glass of water
    “By the time you get up, you’ve gone several hours without water and are mildly dehydrated –and that can make you feel tired,” says Nicole Kuhl, director of nutrition at Lifespan Medicine in Santa Monica, California.

Drinking water in an empty stomach right after you wake you kick starts your metabolism for the day.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

Yes, we already heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

“After sleeping all night, our metabolism and blood sugar are at their lowest; we need a healthy breakfast to re-energize us,” says Rebecca Scritchfield, R.D., a Washington D.C. based nutrition and exercise expert specializing in weight management. Think of a yogurt, an apple, and a whole grain to pack on your tummy in the morning.

Forbes said that rushing to the door with only a cup of coffee and an empty stomach won’t really kick start your day. Spend at least 30 minutes taking breakfast while mentally jotting down the things you need to accomplish for the day. It will also give time to talk with your family or friends.

  1. Exercise

According to Coach Mark Caron of Focus Athletics, women should be physically active as much possible. It does not to be an organized activity but an activity that will require physical activity will do. He suggests push-ups, split squats (leg dominant exercsie), and side planks for starters.  And when you do the exercising, turn up that upbeat playlist on Spotify to amp up your mood. Joining Zumba classes in the morning is also one way to make yourself energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day.

  1. Get a daily dose of nature

Huffington Post said that getting up to surround yourself to nature is one way to let go of that groggy feeling in the morning.

A 10-15 minute walk to the park or along your neighborhood with your dog will help you prep up for the day.

Every morning promises a new beginning, not only for people who work to beat deadlines, but to people who chase their dreams and wants to be ahead of their game by starting early.  So say hi to your happy hormones and get ready for a day of energy and positivity!


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