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The internet has been evolving in a way that provides each individual with a personalized and unique user experience. It is time for e-commerce to adapt and evolve, which is why we exist. Ubokia.com is leading the charge in the evolution of e-commerce, and part of how we are doing this is through our partnerships with blogs and other internet communities.

We are offering a plugin for blogs to add to their sites, providing them with a fully functional marketplace directly embedded on any blog or site. This customizable marketplace provides each blog the ability to display only the content relevant to its readers and allows those readers to buy and sell with each other – without ever leaving the site. This is an innovative way for your blog to have highly engaging content that is never stagnant. Beyond that, blogs that install the plugin immediately grow a layer of community that was not available before and develop a steady, new source of monetization from transaction fees!

See a Live Facebook Example
See a Live Blog Example

What the plugin provides:

  • Fully Functional Marketplace
  • Posts of items wanted, and for sale
  • Image hosting
  • In app negotiation module
  • Payment processing
  • Group Buying functions