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My choice of living a life without children is simple. I am not seeing myself becoming the kind of woman taking the responsibility of a mother. It should not be taken as a selfish decision. I am doing it for the supposed children that I would’ve had. For me, being a mother takes a lot more than bearing a child and providing its needs. ¬†And besides, I want to pursue other passions. I actually want to help communities have access point test for high speed interet ot they will be ore connected.

Being a mother takes a whole level of patience, dedication, care, understanding, love, and all that. I do not see myself as a person who can dedicate my time permanently for another human being. Being a mother does not end at the time your child becomes an adult. It doesn’t end at the time your child marries and builds his/her own family. It doesn’t end at the time when they have grandchildren. It doesn’t even end with death. Being a mother is an eternal responsibility that a woman should take wherever she goes.

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