Group Deals

Group deals are only growing in popularity and it seems that everyone is trying their hand at this. The single most difficult aspect of setting up a group buy is building a large enough community around a similar demographic – just look how much money Groupon spends on marketing and advertising. That is why Ubokia addresses group buying differently. We empower the owners of pre-existing communities to run group deals. Our Group Deal platform allows community owners to leverage the years of work they have spent building their communities.

The Ubokia platform handles all aspects of the group buy for the buyers and the sellers. Best of all, it provides a steady source of new monetization for community owners. The days of simply relying on advertising are over with Ubokia’s platform, because community owners can now offer even more to their paid sponsors by giving them the ability to sell directly to the community’s member base. Your members will naturally enjoy receiving great deals on the things they are interested in. So it’s a win-win!

Just a few of the many benefits:

  • Provide more value for your paying sponsors.
  • Provide a better service for your members.
  • Differentiate your community from the rest.
  • Seamless integration and FULL functionality.
  • A steady. new monetization source.
  • … just to name a few.