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“Affordable Web Design”

  Affordable Web Design Are you looking for “affordable web design” ? Have you given up on the idea of creating a “website” because it’s just too time consuming and tedious? Yet you cant avoid it, you need a “website”. Believe me I understand. Luckily I found a great “web …

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Bully boys

  Boys bully more than girls and the tormenting is more often physical. In the absence of studies done in the Philippines, we are quoting a research done by Debra J. Pepler of the LaMarsh Centre for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution at York University.  She found out that 23% of boys surveyed …

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Breezing through

  Change is the only constant thing on earth. Nothing is permanent. The past “you” might be different from the present “you”or even the future “you”. When a person change his way of life, he or she is given a chance to transform into a new individual. Everybody has a …

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A morning person


  They say people who are early risers do more things than those who are not. Starting your day early also means more time to work, and spend the remaining hours for things that interest you—be it your passion projects, hanging out with your family, or giving time for yourself. …

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Helping communities

My choice of living a life without children is simple. I am not seeing myself becoming the kind of woman taking the responsibility of a mother. It should not be taken as a selfish decision. I am doing it for the supposed children that I would’ve had. For me, being …

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I Am Now a Freelancer! Hire Me!

Hi there loves! As you know I am shifiting to a nomad lifestyle. I am a freelance photographer based in Vancouver. I specialize on travel and fashion photography and I have worked with a number of talented models and brands around the world. I made projects regarding travel since 2015 …

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Great news!

self storage might be a help for you and your business. I advised this because whenever you are away or you do not have a physical workplace to keep you things in place, you can rely to it no matter what. Self storage is one of the best things that …

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Looking for best gift ideas

  Are you looking for some cool ideas to give to your loved ones this coming Christmas? We know! Everyone of us seem to worry what to give to our loves ones when its Christmas time and I think I am guilty of it. You know, it is difficult to …

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Skin obsession

I absolutely love my Vitamin C serum, which is incredible. Yes, this is one product that absolutely Smooths the face skin, makes one appear so much brighter, and makes the facial skin so much tighter as well. Yes, just as it is advertised, and even more. I can say that …

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