Beauty Product Review: Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products


Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products are a very unique line of products that are based on the concept of reconciling harmony of mind with beauty. The Kenzoki Japanese Skincare line actually consists of four different lines which all have a natural ingredient influencing the product that is ultimately formulated to pleasure the senses.

The concept behind Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products is based on Eastern philosophy that supports balancing the mind and body with the senses to achieve energy and Zen. This is the alchemy that birthed the Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products line.

There are four plants that are instrumental in the success of the Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products line that are used in the ingredients, and are formulated to please the senses. Rice is used to evoke sensuality, Ginger flower for euphoria, Bamboo leaf for energy, and White lotus for relaxation. Water is extracted from each of these plants, which are cultivated at a laboratory in Asia in a natural habitat.

Once the water from the plants has been extracted it is combined with other organic cosmetic agents such as Japanese medlar tree, bamboo tears, bird wood, yaroow and others. The combination of these unique organic cosmetic agents and the water from the four plants make up the basis of Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products.

Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products consist of excellent products for the face, body, and other specific zones requiring the treatment and skincare only Kenzoki can provide. The carefully chosen aromatherapy effect of Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products creates a sense of well being upon the user of the product creating feelings of sensuality, relaxation, energy, and euphoria.

The Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Facial products are broken down into several categories. The first one is “First Things First” which includes a Chilly Foaming Cleanser, Creamy Cleansing Cream, Enveloping-Velvety Wash, Clear Eyelid and Lash Gel, and Kenzoki Fresh Lotus Water Spray.

The Kenzoki Japansese Skincare Products for the day include Face Phenomenon Deep Moisturizing Serum, Faceguard Veil, Melts on Contact Face Gel, Creamy-White Day Cream, Cream with a Zing,  dermaroller amazon, Cram with A Sheen, Vital-Ice Cream, and Kenzoki White Rice Cream.

The Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products for Night include Cosmic Cosmetic Cream, twilight Cream, and White Rice Cream. The Kenzoki “Time to Time Category” includes Invigorating Exfoliating Flakes, Energetic Face Mask, and Kenzoki Sweet and Smooth Lips Duo. The Kenzoki Eyes Only Products include Ice-Cold Eye Cram, and Relaxing Eye Whipped Cream.

Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products are a beautiful, and effective product for well being and for the art of looking beautiful. The Kenzoki Body Care Product line is as extensive as the Facial Skincare line, however one specific product stands out, and that is Kenzoki Suit Your Mood. Kenzoki Suit Your Mood is a Beneficial Water hydrating spray available in four aromas, which include Energizing Beneficial Water, Blissful Beneficial Water, Relaxing Beneficial Water, and Sensual Beneficial Water, which goes back to their original concept of using the aroma of four corresponding plants to achieve energy and Zen. For more information on Kenzoki Japanese Skincare visit the Web site.

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