“Affordable Web Design”


Affordable Web Design
Are you looking for “affordable web design” ? Have you given up on the idea of creating a “website” because it’s just too time consuming and tedious? Yet you cant avoid it, you need a “website”. Believe me I understand. Luckily I found a great “web design” firm that specializes in professional and “affordable web design”.

I know it sounds like an oxymoron, professional and “affordable web design” all in one sentence. But it is true. The company is called eLocal Hosting and “web design”. When I say “affordable web design” I mean $1 per day. Really that’s it.

What exactly does $1 per day get you? Well first eLocal Hosting and “web design” starts off with providing a free consultation with an Internet Marketing Consultant. During your consultation they learn your business, your company culture, and philosophy. I know, “affordable web design” that comes with the professional help of an Internet Marketing Consultant, sounds great right? Most of the other “web design” firms claim to offer “affordable web design” but only offer a few templates and some instructions about how you can fill in the blanks.

But wait it gets better, in addition to “affordable web design” and a free consultation, eLocal Hosting and “web design” goes even further. The $1 per day, actually includes a professional copywriter. So now you have “affordable web design” and professional copywriter? That means you don’t have to worry about creating the content in your “website” the copywriter does it all for you. All the content created by eLocal Hosting and “web design’s” copywriters are created to get better placement on the web directories. How much more can you really ask for?

I was amazed with the package. But I guess the people at eLocal believe in pushing the envelope because in addition to “affordable web design” eLocal Hosting and “web design” employ’s some of the most talented “web designers” in the industry. And did I mention that the “web design is affordable”?

When your “website” is finally completed the production team at eLocal Hosting will submit your “website” to Yahoo, Google, and 50 other directories.

So if you are in need of “affordable web design” from web development companies and you don’t want to compromise quality contact eLocal Hosting and “web design” at 1-866-585-1715.

Looking for A Work at Home Job? Try Document Coding!

Once upon a time, work at home jobs were few and far between. It was virtually impossible for the average person to find legitimate employment that could be done from home. The Internet was, is, and always will be filled with scammers waiting to take advantage of people seeking to work from home. Scams such as home product assembly and envelope stuffing exist to prey on the hopes and dreams of potential home workers. There are legitimate work at home job opportunities out there, however, and one of them is document coding.

There are two different types of document coding — medical, and legal. Any legitimate medical coding job will require a certain level of education and experience. If you’re interested in medical coding, you can earn the credentials necessary at a regular college or university, or you can learn online. Medical coding involves the accurate and extensive management of important medical documents and records, and can be done not only at home but at hospitals and doctors offices.

Then there’s legal document coding. This field is much easier to break into than medical coding, and often doesn’t require any special classes or education to learn. There are various litigation support companies out there who hire homeworkers to perform the coding. With legal document coding, homeworkers extract specific data from documents and input it into data entry fields. The amount of money you can make doing this depends on a variety of factors, including how much work you do and how much the company you work for pays per item. Legal document coding is almost always paid on a per-piece basis rather than by the hour.

If you’re interested in either medical or legal document coding, the first thing you need to do is create a professional resume. Then, you’ll need to find companies to apply with. To do this, simply head to the search engine of your choice and perform a simple query. Search terms like ‘litigation support’ ‘legal document coding’ ‘medical coding’ and the like will present you with a variety of results to get you started. Applying for jobs like these is the same as applying for any other type of job. After you submit your resume, you might be called for an interview. If you’re hired, you will be instructed on all the policies of the company and given instructions to begin working from home.

Legal and medical document coding represent two legitimate choices in the work at home world. Thanks to jobs like these, people are now able to earn a living from the privacy and comfort of their homes, with a flexibility that can rarely be found elsewhere. For me, coding is way better than going into work everyday, be it some hospitality jobs or work in the office, just like what I did before.

If you’re interested in jobs such as these but want more information, try networking at one of the many work at home message boards out there. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from other successful homeworkers. In no time, you could be working at the home based job of your dreams!

Bully boys


Boys bully more than girls and the tormenting is more often physical. In the absence of studies done in the Philippines, we are quoting a research done by Debra J. Pepler of the LaMarsh Centre for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution at York University.  She found out that 23% of boys surveyed said they had engaged in bullying, compared to only 8% of girls.


Among victims, however, both genders were equally affected. With girls, bullying often takes more subtle forms, such as whispering campaigns, spreading rumors and shunning acts designed to destroy friendships. This can be every bit as painful as physical aggression.

“Many parents are unaware that it is happening because they never discuss it with their kids and because bullying is often a kind of underground activity that many children won’t report,” wrote Dr. Richard B. Goldbloom in an article which appeared in Reader’s Digest.

In the “Philippines Graphic” article, Regina Sevilla-Sibal explained to author Fil V. Elefante when bullying happens. “Bullying occurs when the target has no opportunity or way to balance the equation,” said Sibal, an experienced school administrator and educator.

Sibal cited an example: “There’s a group of kids teasing one child because they think he’s too smart for his own good.  But when they’re in class, these kids ask for the smart one’s notes.  However, the smart child refused to deal with these kids.  Is this bullying?  No, because that child has a way to balance the equation.”

As stated earlier, bullying occurs when the child has no means to balance the equation.  “Bullying occurs when the child feels disempowered,” Sibal pointed out.

Aside from those experienced by Dave, other manifestations that a child is being bullied if he or she: is frightened of going to school and is difficult to wake in the morning; doesn’t want to ride the school bus; begs to be driven to school; becomes withdrawn, anxious, or lacking in confidence; cries him/herself to sleep at night or has nightmares; feels sick in the morning; and comes home with clothes torn or books damaged.

A child is also being bullied if he or she has possessions (like pens or pencils) that end up “missing”; asks for money or starts stealing money (to pay the bully); comes home starving (money/lunch has been stolen); stops eating; and is frightened to say what’s wrong.

A major red flag is when he or she attempts or threatens suicide or runs away from home.  Bullying leads to several suicides every year. In the United Kingdom, one study found out that between 15 and 25 children commit suicide every year because they are being bullied.

In some instances, the effects of bullying can be serious and even fatal.  The link between bullying and school violence has attracted increasing attention since the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in the United States.  That year, two shotgun-wielding students, both of whom had been identified as gifted and who had been bullied for years, killed 13 people, wounded 24, and then committed suicide.

A year later an analysis by officials at the U.S. Secret Service of 37 premeditated school shootings found that bullying, which some of the shooters described “in terms that approached torment,” played a major role in more than two-thirds of the attacks.

What turns some children into bullies? There are no research data done in the Philippines but researchers, led by Kris Bosworth of the University of Arizona, collected information from 558 students in grades 6 to 8, then divided the students into three groups: 228 who rarely or never bullied anyone; 243 who reported a moderate level of bullying; and 87 who reported excessive amounts of bullying.

“Those who reported the most bullying behavior had received more forceful, physical discipline from their parents, had viewed more TV violence and showed more misconduct at home,” Dr. Goldbloom wrote.  “Thirty-two percent lived with a stepparent, and 36 percent lived in a single-parent household. Bullies generally had fewer adult role models, more exposure to gang activity and easier access to guns. This partly explains why bullies need help as much as victims: Many learn their behavior by example.”

But is school bullying a common phenomenon in the Philippines? In 2008, a baseline survey involving 2,442 children from 58 public schools was conducted by the Plan Philippines.

“Results of the survey show that peers perpetrate most forms of violence experienced by children,” commented then Plan Philippines country director Michael Diamond. “Ridicule and teasing by peers are the most common experiences. Across three age ranges surveyed, the incidence of ridicule and teasing was reported to have been experienced by 50 percent among children in Grades 1 to 3; 67 percent among children in Grades 4 to 6; and 65 percent among children in high school.”

The word “bully” was first used in the 1530s, which means “sweetheart,” which was applied to either sex.  It was coined from the Dutch boel (“lover, brother), probably diminutive of Middle High German buole (“brother”). The meaning deteriorated through the 17th century through “fine fellow,” “blusterer,” to “harasser of the weak.” This may have been as a connecting sense between “lover” and “ruffian” as in “protector of a prostitute,” which was one sense of “bully” (though not specifically attested until 1706.  The verb “to bully” is first attested in 1710.

The victim of bullying is sometimes referred to as a “target.”  Bullying behavior may include name calling, verbal or written abuse, exclusion from activities, exclusion from social situations, physical abuse, or coercion. Bullies may behave this way to be perceived as popular or tough or to get attention. They may bully out of jealousy or be acting out because they themselves are bullied. I once know a man who was my best man speeches writer who dealth with the same.

In her weekly column, Cathy S. Babao-Guballa defines bullying as an “aggressive behavior that involves an imbalance of power and strength and which is repeated over a period of time. As opposed to conflict, which involves a misunderstanding or antagonism between two or more people, bullying only occurs where there is an imbalance of power, where one child has great difficulty defending himself or herself against another child or person.”

While bullying gets a lot of attention from parents and teachers in industrialized countries (like those being depicted in Hollywood movies), such is not the case in the Philippines.  Dr. Honey Carandang, a noted Filipino psychologist and author, has often expressed her disappointment over the seeming lack of concern that school authorities have shown towards bullying incidents that take place right under their noses.

Babao-Guballa believes that an anti-bullying program in the Philippine setting “can only be effective if both the school and the parents’ association work together to discourage bullying, both in private and public schools.”

“School bullying is everyone’s business,” wrote Dr. Goldbloom.  “It is unrealistic to expect it can be totally eliminated: We can’t eradicate the conditions that turn some children into bullies and others into targets.  But if everyone, concerned teachers, school authorities, police, parents and children is truly committed to zero tolerance, then there is solid evidence that the amount and the severity of bullying can be reduced dramatically.”

Breezing through


Change is the only constant thing on earth. Nothing is permanent. The past “you” might be different from the present “you”or even the future “you”. When a person change his way of life, he or she is given a chance to transform into a new individual. Everybody has a story of change, of second chances in life. i’m glad that this second chance had made me a better person. This is my story of chance.


I considered myself as a wind back in high school. I was aloof with all of the students in our academy. I never had bestfriends at school because I do’nt want to mingle with them. In an all-girls school, girls are competitive. The social class labels will start from “the pretty, rich and famous”, “the nerds”, “the teacher’s pet”, “the varsity players”, “the social climbers” and “the nobodys”. Labels are everywhere. Ask for me, I belong to the “nobodys”. I don’t conform much with the norms of my high school. Now, I plan to make a name of my own, and tracking the steps of people from najlepszy hosting who has been such an influencer in my life when it comes to web development and hosting.


Fortunately, I’m still lucky to once in a while be in top 10 of our class. That was the only moment that teachers would notice me. During field trips, I would choose to sleep that hear my classmates talk about themselves. People at school thought of me as one of those ordinary and unnoticed students. I was never a threat to anybody.

I was okay being a wind but I hated my high school for being inconsiderate and not seeing what’s beyond my persona – my full potential. And so, i continued to be a breeze until after my high school graduation.


Entering college became my turning point, my second chance. New faces, new environment, and new life to redeem myself from the odd ghost of my high school life. College was an opportunity to show the real me. Because students in college are not mindful of other students, I was able to explore my full potentials. I studied harder, I gained true friends and enjoyed every bit of happiness at school. I became more expressive and confident. College also gave me a chance to fall in love and to experience heartbreaks. It was a roller coaster ride to fall in and out of love in college but I had surpassed it.


God has given me a second chance to re-introduce myself through college life. I realized that I’m not just a wind, that my worth is beyond that. I am talented and i am a gift to my love ones. I am a beautiful person because of this second chance. Right now, I still cannot consider high school as a memorable stage in life but i don’t hate it anymore. College has taught me to move on from grudges, stay strong, and accept changes. My transformation from being a wind is a blessing and the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope that others who share the same experience would not be afraid of taking chances. A chance is good specially if it is worth the risk.





A morning person



They say people who are early risers do more things than those who are not. Starting your day early also means more time to work, and spend the remaining hours for things that interest you—be it your passion projects, hanging out with your family, or giving time for yourself.  Even when you slept late laste night after scanning and stalking site for gadget reviews R-Tech24 and other sites for gadgets, waking up, even when the alarm went off already, have been an arduous routine for some, if not all. Hitting the snooze button over and over again may have been the daily routine of someone who considers himself more of a night owl than an early riser.

But believe or not, most of the successful people today are every inch the morning person. Think of businesswoman Martha Stewart, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, and US President Barrack Obama—these guys, and more, have proven that the essence of starting early gets you going for the rest of the day.

Get these six ways to wake up early and get yourself to becoming the morning person that you have always wanted to be.

  1. Sleep early

What else would make you wake up early than hitting the sack early the night before? And to be able to this, make sure you keep your priorities straight. Dr. Tracey Marks, an Atlanta-based psychiatrist and author of Master Your Sleep: Proven Methods Simplified, says that you should trim down your evening obligations and train yourself to sleep early.

“We typically overestimate how much available time we have and take on projects that we have no business committing to,” she says, adding that you should know how to get rid of things that are just consuming your time and not really helping you out on your goals.

Downsizing your dinner is also important before hitting the sack. Avoid munching on chocolate or having coffee or red wine the night before. More importantly, do not sleep right after you eat dinner. Have some bubble bath or sleep on with scented candles if it would make you feel less tense and relaxed.

  1. Set that alarm (and don’t hit the snooze button!)

Have you seen people who have their alarms every 5-10 minutes and then just hit the snooze button until they doze off to wonderland again?

Here’s the trick: Set your alarm with the most annoying tone you have in your phone so that it would really wake you up. Better yet, place it at the far end of your room so you really have to get up just to shut it out.

  1. Drink a glass of water
    “By the time you get up, you’ve gone several hours without water and are mildly dehydrated –and that can make you feel tired,” says Nicole Kuhl, director of nutrition at Lifespan Medicine in Santa Monica, California.

Drinking water in an empty stomach right after you wake you kick starts your metabolism for the day.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

Yes, we already heard it before, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

“After sleeping all night, our metabolism and blood sugar are at their lowest; we need a healthy breakfast to re-energize us,” says Rebecca Scritchfield, R.D., a Washington D.C. based nutrition and exercise expert specializing in weight management. Think of a yogurt, an apple, and a whole grain to pack on your tummy in the morning.

Forbes said that rushing to the door with only a cup of coffee and an empty stomach won’t really kick start your day. Spend at least 30 minutes taking breakfast while mentally jotting down the things you need to accomplish for the day. It will also give time to talk with your family or friends.

  1. Exercise

According to Coach Mark Caron of Focus Athletics, women should be physically active as much possible. It does not to be an organized activity but an activity that will require physical activity will do. He suggests push-ups, split squats (leg dominant exercsie), and side planks for starters.  And when you do the exercising, turn up that upbeat playlist on Spotify to amp up your mood. Joining Zumba classes in the morning is also one way to make yourself energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day.

  1. Get a daily dose of nature

Huffington Post said that getting up to surround yourself to nature is one way to let go of that groggy feeling in the morning.

A 10-15 minute walk to the park or along your neighborhood with your dog will help you prep up for the day.

Every morning promises a new beginning, not only for people who work to beat deadlines, but to people who chase their dreams and wants to be ahead of their game by starting early.  So say hi to your happy hormones and get ready for a day of energy and positivity!


Helping communities


My choice of living a life without children is simple. I am not seeing myself becoming the kind of woman taking the responsibility of a mother. It should not be taken as a selfish decision. I am doing it for the supposed children that I would’ve had. For me, being a mother takes a lot more than bearing a child and providing its needs.  And besides, I want to pursue other passions. I actually want to help communities have access point test for high speed interet ot they will be ore connected.

Being a mother takes a whole level of patience, dedication, care, understanding, love, and all that. I do not see myself as a person who can dedicate my time permanently for another human being. Being a mother does not end at the time your child becomes an adult. It doesn’t end at the time your child marries and builds his/her own family. It doesn’t end at the time when they have grandchildren. It doesn’t even end with death. Being a mother is an eternal responsibility that a woman should take wherever she goes.

I Am Now a Freelancer! Hire Me!


Hi there loves! As you know I am shifiting to a nomad lifestyle. I am a freelance photographer based in Vancouver. I specialize on travel and fashion photography and I have worked with a number of talented models and brands around the world. I made projects regarding travel since 2015 together with my assistant. I am able to accept new gigs for travel and fashion photography. I am currently using wide array of cameras to help you get the most beautiful shots you want. I also currently work in a project regarding tourism promotiosn. Right now, I am using a 360 kamera for added value. My 360 camera is my go to camera of all time! Let me know if you have upcoming projects I can work on.

Great news!


self storage might be a help for you and your business. I advised this because whenever you are away or you do not have a physical workplace to keep you things in place, you can rely to it no matter what. Self storage is one of the best things that occur for businesses and I consider even other people and individual find benefit from this. I think this is also a nice investment for business as they need not to fret on little things and they can focus on other things. Check out compare storage prices here.

Looking for best gift ideas


Are you looking for some cool ideas to give to your loved ones this coming Christmas? We know! Everyone of us seem to worry what to give to our loves ones when its Christmas time and I think I am guilty of it. You know, it is difficult to give someone a gift especially if he or she has a reserved personality. I had a hard time giving gift for my cousin. That is why this year, I listed down some unisex gift ideas for your loved ones. Feel free to share this list to your friends who might need the same help!

Wood watch- this one is really cool. I got mine last year and I gave wood watches to my parents as gifts. I found the best wooden watches online! They have zegarki watches too. So check it out.


Skin obsession

I absolutely love my Vitamin C serum, which is incredible. Yes, this is one product that absolutely Smooths the face skin, makes one appear so much brighter, and makes the facial skin so much tighter as well. Yes, just as it is advertised, and even more. I can say that I had high expectations and they were absolutely exceeded. I have friends that had low expectations and their minds were blown, meanwhile I was expecting this to work and it worked even better than I thought. The best thing is that when you apply it it smells great and it’s not greasy or anything like that, it is absorbed very quickly and leaves no negative Trace, just a much more moisturised and healthy-looking glowing skin. Usually I will try to apply this every morning, and the way that it impacts my day is unmistakably positive, and I can’t imagine my life without it at this point. I don’t know if I’ll always have to use it, but for now, it is something that I am so happy to have as part of my routine.