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Amazon’s latest innovation

Who do I make the strongest suggestion about Amazon Prime towards? Definitely students. I think that’s students, and their massive discount, is a value that cannot be beaten with many memberships on the planet right now. The service is very worth it for a lot of people. I mean, the shipping benefits alone are excellent. However, if you look at the fact that you also have an alternative to Netflix which is actually cheaper net than Netflix, along with these shipping benefits, he will see that you’re getting a very broad range of advantages. Then, the other thing with Amazon Prime, is that they’re always expanding the different ways that they are providing services, and adding to their repertoire as a provider. Which comma I think is pretty brave and amazing, especially because they would be doing well even if they weren’t doing that based on their reputation as a company alone. I mean, right now, Amazon has a massive reputation as being one of the best companies in the world for a whole lot of different things, specifically online shopping. However, now, you get this really interesting situation happening, where there is all sorts of variety being added, and I think that Amazon Prime is actually absolutely worth it. Hey, I know what you’re thinking, I’m interested in Amazon Prime but—- is Amazon Prime worth it?

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