“Affordable Web Design”


Affordable Web Design
Are you looking for “affordable web design” ? Have you given up on the idea of creating a “website” because it’s just too time consuming and tedious? Yet you cant avoid it, you need a “website”. Believe me I understand. Luckily I found a great “web design” firm that specializes in professional and “affordable web design”.

I know it sounds like an oxymoron, professional and “affordable web design” all in one sentence. But it is true. The company is called eLocal Hosting and “web design”. When I say “affordable web design” I mean $1 per day. Really that’s it.

What exactly does $1 per day get you? Well first eLocal Hosting and “web design” starts off with providing a free consultation with an Internet Marketing Consultant. During your consultation they learn your business, your company culture, and philosophy. I know, “affordable web design” that comes with the professional help of an Internet Marketing Consultant, sounds great right? Most of the other “web design” firms claim to offer “affordable web design” but only offer a few templates and some instructions about how you can fill in the blanks.

But wait it gets better, in addition to “affordable web design” and a free consultation, eLocal Hosting and “web design” goes even further. The $1 per day, actually includes a professional copywriter. So now you have “affordable web design” and professional copywriter? That means you don’t have to worry about creating the content in your “website” the copywriter does it all for you. All the content created by eLocal Hosting and “web design’s” copywriters are created to get better placement on the web directories. How much more can you really ask for?

I was amazed with the package. But I guess the people at eLocal believe in pushing the envelope because in addition to “affordable web design” eLocal Hosting and “web design” employ’s some of the most talented “web designers” in the industry. And did I mention that the “web design is affordable”?

When your “website” is finally completed the production team at eLocal Hosting will submit your “website” to Yahoo, Google, and 50 other directories.

So if you are in need of “affordable web design” fromĀ web development companiesĀ and you don’t want to compromise quality contact eLocal Hosting and “web design” at 1-866-585-1715.

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