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5 Ways to Use Bluetooth Beacons for Low-Cost Promotion

Beacons are small transceivers which work by using the Bluetooth technology. These bring a whole new dimension to customer and dealer interactions. The iBeacon is a popular beacon device from the stable of Apple Inc while Eddystone is the other popular one from Google. This type of technology is still in the nascent stages and more Beacon based services have to be created by developers for varied platforms. However, even in this initial stage, they are proving to be effective for businesses in many ways. Know how you can use them for low cost promotion of your products and services.

Display product-based messages

You can send out information in brief to the phones and other digital devices used by customers when they come within a specific distance of particular products. The best features and pros of the products can be highlighted for the benefit of customers. Buyers can be assured that they are making informed purchase decisions. Many Vancouver SEO companies are doing this.

Showcase brief adverts

Consumers can easily be notified about the offers available or the newest items to hit the store. Customers will not find these intrusive, as these are not useless messages. They can get targeted and store-specific as well as product-specific information.

Offering guidance and alerts

You can also send out messages related to the products and services being opted for by loyal customers, and let them know about other similar offerings in the same price range – from the same brand or other brands. Valuable ads and messages can be sent to the phone of customers, which can act as low-cost promotional mediums. The best part is obviously the lack of human interference.

Improve content management system

Beacons are transceivers and act as two-way marketing devices. This means you can also get information about customer preferences, budget and product or service loyalty. Knowledge of customer interests can let you design better campaigns and improve the content management system (CMS) already existing with your business.

Quick customization of campaigns

You can also customize your marketing campaigns faster with these units. If you find a specific set of marketing messages failing to produce the desired results, you can simply tweak them and make them more suitable for customers. The adjustment can be done very easily and within a couple of hours you can set the units in a different way, so as to make the promotional messages are better oriented to the needs of customers.

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