Beauty Product Review: Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products


Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products are a very unique line of products that are based on the concept of reconciling harmony of mind with beauty. The Kenzoki Japanese Skincare line actually consists of four different lines which all have a natural ingredient influencing the product that is ultimately formulated to pleasure the senses.

The concept behind Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products is based on Eastern philosophy that supports balancing the mind and body with the senses to achieve energy and Zen. This is the alchemy that birthed the Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products line.

There are four plants that are instrumental in the success of the Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products line that are used in the ingredients, and are formulated to please the senses. Rice is used to evoke sensuality, Ginger flower for euphoria, Bamboo leaf for energy, and White lotus for relaxation. Water is extracted from each of these plants, which are cultivated at a laboratory in Asia in a natural habitat.

Once the water from the plants has been extracted it is combined with other organic cosmetic agents such as Japanese medlar tree, bamboo tears, bird wood, yaroow and others. The combination of these unique organic cosmetic agents and the water from the four plants make up the basis of Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products.

Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products consist of excellent products for the face, body, and other specific zones requiring the treatment and skincare only Kenzoki can provide. The carefully chosen aromatherapy effect of Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products creates a sense of well being upon the user of the product creating feelings of sensuality, relaxation, energy, and euphoria.

The Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Facial products are broken down into several categories. The first one is “First Things First” which includes a Chilly Foaming Cleanser, Creamy Cleansing Cream, Enveloping-Velvety Wash, Clear Eyelid and Lash Gel, and Kenzoki Fresh Lotus Water Spray.

The Kenzoki Japansese Skincare Products for the day include Face Phenomenon Deep Moisturizing Serum, Faceguard Veil, Melts on Contact Face Gel, Creamy-White Day Cream, Cream with a Zing,  dermaroller amazon, Cram with A Sheen, Vital-Ice Cream, and Kenzoki White Rice Cream.

The Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products for Night include Cosmic Cosmetic Cream, twilight Cream, and White Rice Cream. The Kenzoki “Time to Time Category” includes Invigorating Exfoliating Flakes, Energetic Face Mask, and Kenzoki Sweet and Smooth Lips Duo. The Kenzoki Eyes Only Products include Ice-Cold Eye Cram, and Relaxing Eye Whipped Cream.

Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products are a beautiful, and effective product for well being and for the art of looking beautiful. The Kenzoki Body Care Product line is as extensive as the Facial Skincare line, however one specific product stands out, and that is Kenzoki Suit Your Mood. Kenzoki Suit Your Mood is a Beneficial Water hydrating spray available in four aromas, which include Energizing Beneficial Water, Blissful Beneficial Water, Relaxing Beneficial Water, and Sensual Beneficial Water, which goes back to their original concept of using the aroma of four corresponding plants to achieve energy and Zen. For more information on Kenzoki Japanese Skincare visit the Web site.


Valentine’s Day Gifts Created with Love, Just for Him



Express your love on Valentine’s Day with a handmade natural body care product or basket filled with your body care creations just for your special Valentine. Pour your heart into this Valentine’s Day present, and see his delight as he finds out you’ve created this special Valentine’s Day present just for him. His heart will soar, and he’ll fall in love with you all over again. With these natural, handcrafted gifts of love, this will become his best Valentine’s Day ever.
Cupid’s Massage Oil

This rich natural massage oil will win him over with this special blend from Julia Meadows.

6 oz. Unfragranced body oil (buy or make your own with 4 oz. Hazelnut oil, 4 oz. Safflower oil, ½ oz wheat-
germ oil, 1 tsp. Vitamin E)
1 oz. Evening Primrose oil
½ tsp. Vitamin E
100 drops of essential oil(s), use his favorite scent or create your own blend

Mix all of the natural ingredients and funnel into a decorative glass jar and tie it up with a ribbon. Attach an I-owe-you for a massage with Cupid’s Massage Oil.

Gentleman’s Favorite Morning Splash

Your favorite man will be impressed with this natural and refreshing morning splash from Julie Meadows you’ve created just for him for Valentine’s Day. This is for all skin types.

4 oz. Witch hazel extract
2 oz. mineral water
½ oz. Unflavored vodka
½ oz. Vegetable glycerin
10 drops bergamot, essential oil
10 drops pimento berry, essential oil
10 drops cinnamon, essential oil
10 drops sandalwood, essential oil
dried mixed spice (cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, clove buds, allspice berries, nutmeg, star anise)

Combine the liquid ingredients and stir well. Drop the dried spices into a decorative glass bottle and pour the liquid over them. A piece of decorative ribbon from the craft store will finish off the gift.


Beer Rinse with Patchouli

Convincing your man to use this natural hair rinse won’t be difficult. He’ll get a kick out of this Valentine’s Gift you’ve created just for him. This Julie Meadows recipe works for both men and women. This natural rinse gives body and shine to hair.

Stir 6 drops of patchouli oil into a glass of beer (flat beer is OK). Pour over washed hair, work in with fingertips, let sit a few minutes, and rinse.

All of the above ingredients for the body care recipes can be found at your local natural foods store. Decorative jars, baskets, fillers and ribbons can be found at your local craft store.

If you make all of the recipes, fill a basket with them and fill out the basket with a natural loofah sponge or mitt, a bottle of champagne, and I-Owe-You for a massage using Cupid’s Massage Oil. He’ll fall in love with you all over again on this Valentine’s Day celebration you’ve created just for him.

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Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System Delivers Quality Sound for Less Than $25


Finding quality speakers for your portable audio device, computer, tv, or gaming system can be tough, especially when you’re on a budget. When I decided to upgrade my sound system on my computer, I really only had about $30 to deal with, but I still wanted something decent…so I immediately began looking at Logitech’s offerings. Logitech has a long history of making affordable priced, quality computer accessories, and I have had good experience with them in the past. After extensive research, I decided to purchase the S220 2.1 system, at just below $25 from Amazon.com.

First Impressions
My very first impression was, “Wow, these are kinda small!” Even though the set includes two satellite speakers with immersive sound as well as sub woofer, everything fit into a box that just barely filled up my small backpack. Once I got the system unpacked and on to my desk, I was impressed by its sleek looks and the cool wired remote that gives easy access to volume control and headphone/mic jacks. Of course, it wouldn’t matter how good it looked if it didn’t sound good, so I wasted no time setting it up…which, by the way, was super easy.

Sound Quality
Once I actually got some tunes pumping through the system, I was blown away at what I had received for under $25. The bass on this little system won’t get you kicked out of your apartment, but it’s snappy enough to enjoy your favorite jazz songs, and it’s got plenty of power to enhance your gaming and DVD watching too. The highs are crisp and clear, and midrange ain’t too shabby. In terms of volume, it might not be great for a large living room, but the Logitech S220 has plenty of juice for filling your dorm room, home office, or small den with better-than-decent quality sound.

The Bottom Line
The Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System offers a hard to beat combination of affordable sound quality, attractive design, and unique features. Starting at under $25 at Amazon.com, it’s a must buy for the college student looking for a sound system on a budget.

Official specs: 17 W speaker system (4 W per satellite, 9 W subwoofer) , Total RMS power – 17 W RMS, Satellites – 8 W RMS (4 W x 2) , Subwoofer – 9 W RMS

Knight Flyer Agility Gears Up for It’s Fall USDAA Trial


It’s that time of year again. Agility trial season is beginning. If you check out any of the agility calendars available online (www.agilityevents.net or www.agilitypremium.com) you can see that, depending on where you live in the states of Louisiana and Texas, and across the country for that matter, you could go to an agility trial every weekend.
Most of you know Knight Flyer Agility, based in Tenaha, TX, holds it’s USDAA shows in January and November of each year. We’re starting the month of September, so that means it’s time to start gearing up for our trial. This year our USDAA trial won’t be using our normal trial location. We are heading a bit further from home than our last show (held in Hallsville). We will be hosting our trial at the beautiful training center in Frankston, TX owned by Terry Dyck, CMStreek.

Real Estate_8108593611_l

CM Streek Agility Training Center, Inc is located at 19386 SH 155 N in Frankston, TX. Frankston is situated two hours southeast of Dallas, and 30 minutes south of Tyler. The site is completely dog fenced, with a covered area and an air conditioned office. Two full outdoor agility rings flank the building with a backdrop of beautiful trees. This location has provided some of the most beautiful agility photos out there. It also provides several locations for portrait shots as well.

At our trial, we will be offering a full slate of classes. This three day trial will have two rounds of Standard, Gamblers and Jumpers, three rounds of Snooker, one round of pairs as well as Local Qualifiers for the 2011 Grand Prix, Performance Grand Prix, Steeplechase and Performance Speed Jumping classes.

We are also lucky enough to have one of the best agility photographers coming to this trial, Tom Bridge of Fast Clicks Photography. Tom is a very talented man, he loves dogs and since his wife competes in agility he knows what competitors like and want. You can see samples of his work at www.fastclicksphoto.com.

Come on out and join us, either as an exhibitor or a spectator! It’s sure to be a fun time at a beautiful location!


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6 Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work


Several good reasons exist for trying to increase your productivity at work. Being more productive should translate into higher earnings, faster promotions, and better job satisfaction. The problem is to discover how to increase your productivity on the job. A few simple hints can go a long way toward raising your productivity several notches above where it is now.
Avoid too many personal discussions at work.

Whether you are talking about your family, your past, or your problems, these conversations slow down your pace and eat away time that could be spent being productive. This same idea holds true whether you are discussing your issues or listening to someone tell theirs. Most of the time, when one person starts to tell their tale, it is not long until the other party starts their own confessions. If you get involved in this type of talking two or three times per day, hours per week can be lost from production time.

Set goals for each part of the day to achieve.

Regardless of your job, you can set a pace to get more done by establishing goals through using an organizer liker Toad Diaries. If you are a dishwasher, look for ways to wash more dishes per hour. This will invariably lead to far more output from an eight hour shift. Setting a goal for the entire day will often meet with failure. Break up the day into smaller pieces. That way, if you have to take a break, you can time your break to coincide with completing the time period for you goal. Use the break like a mini-reward for accomplishing your production goal.

Learn to only focus on your job until it is finished.

People frequently like to help those around them get their work done. However, this is a good way to make them look good and you look bad. It does not matter how much work that you get done in the day if none of it is your assigned job. Stick to your own work until it is completed. After you finish your work, you can be kind to your coworkers and help them with their jobs. Bosses only notice when you do extra work if your work is finished, too.

Pay attention to how other high achievers get a lot done in a day.

Your coworkers are not created equal. Some of them will crank out several times more work in a week than others will get done. Focus on these high performers. Learn their techniques and work ethic. Even if you do not do the same job, you will learn from their hard work model. Most of these people will line up their work so that time is not wasted going from task to task. They will also make sure that any needed materials are available before starting to work. People with high productions learn to not waste time or energy.

Rehearse your job at home.

This may seem a little silly to some people, but practice makes perfect. Watch figure skaters before a performance. They will going through the skating routine in their head and with their bodies. This time is spent thinking about their work. To do a good job quickly, you must have your routine already working in your head. This will lead to easy movements to accomplish tasks. You will be ready to anticipate the next step long before it arrives. As you rehearse the job, new ways to do old tasks may become obvious to you. Integrate these into your job as soon as possible. You may need to make adjustments, but overall, productivity will rise.

Dodge distractions.

Avoid people who like to do practical jokes. They will distract you from your job tasks. Try not to watch coworkers too much. This can cause you miss steps or make mistakes. Try to clear your head from personal problems. Your thoughts need to be on your work to do it well. Turn off the cell phone to prevent being tempted to talk or text on the job. All distractions will lower your job performance and work again increasing productivity.