More than the passion of taking pictures

I think more people should follow their gut and take Photography more seriously.I know a lot of people who are interested in things like photography, but they’re told that they are wasting their time with a pointless hobby, or something else that is destructive like that, and I do believe that that is the kind of rhetoric that we should be cutting out of our vocabularies. I believe that the world is a better place because of Art, and because of creativity and Innovation, and because of the fact that we now have the tools to understand the perspectives of people from all over the world. Photography is a perfect embodiment of that in so many ways. I really do think that this is the kind of thing that I support wholeheartedly. And I don’t say that about very much. I don’t say that about very much at all. But when it comes to photography, I am just such a big fan that I don’t think it would be right to say anything else. Photography is my life, in so many ways, and I think that it could be the favorite passion or hobby of a lot of people who generally aren’t taking advantage of the resources that are currently at our disposal. I’m not saying it’s easy to be a photographer, but I am saying that it doesn’t more accessible thing to learn than many other arts and crafts. Especially because the key to the whole thing, is within you. And the main tool, is within your phone. And the tools to take that to the next level? Can be freely downloaded! Not bad at all.


Coping with Boredom


Boredom really strikes at time we least expect it. We love doing things and being busy but there will come a time when you just felt so bored. When I do this, I usually just browse the internet and check on social media. Well, my boredom was crashed the moment i saw a shop selling wood watches. I love wood watches! Who does not? I mean, wood watches are rare to sell. And, if you have a wood watch, then it must be durable and really classic! Finally, I wasn’t that bored again. I purchased at least three right then and there and the product were delivered after to days. What a speedy suprise!

Wondering about Juju Supply?

People wonder about what Juju supply items aremade from.In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter what it’s made from, in that many different healing Charms have been made with all types of different materials, and they all have such an interesting unique ability to make our lives better. Honestly, it has been said that Juju Supply was actually birthed within the confines of the cancer unit of a hospital, within a chemotherapy unit actually. And, these amazing gifts are one of the best things that you can buy someone who is struggling with cancer, in my opinion. To be honest, every time that Christmas is approaching, I think to myself, who do I know that can benefit from one of these pieces of jewellery? And, before I purchase other gift, I always make my way to Juju first for a good section of the people in my life, and I always end up being covered by their very diverse, powerful array of wonderful objects that can help so many people. You know, to tell you the truth, Juju Supply was actually founded by someone who had survived cancer, and managed to encapsulate the parts of their Journey that helps them the most within the aura enhancing objects that Juju Supply sells.