Poker Runs: How They Work and Their Use


A Poker run is an organized event using a vehicle of transportation. Everything from boats, cars, airplanes, horses, and motorcycles have been used. Individuals will travel a certain distance in a vehicle along a predetermined route to a place. Once they reach that place, they will draw a card(s). The …

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Multi-Tools for Camping and Hiking


  All kinds of different safety tools and camping gear accessories are available on the market today. Swiss Army Knives is famous for their high quality and relatively expensive items, while many other companies make lower-cost outdoor utensils, sometimes of questionable quality. Multitools are great for camping, as they are …

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Why a Good Web Design is Essential for Your New Business


Small business owners often make the mistake of paying for cheap web design. Cheap web design generally details a lackluster design, difficult navigation and zero benefit for search engine placement. So why is a good design important for a business website? Reason 1: To capture a visitor’s attention Just like …

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Decorating with Ikat Designs: 2012 Trend


  Ikat fabrics are anything but new. Yet, for 2012 they are new again. You may remember learning about the the Silk Road in school. The Silk Road was a trading route covering Europe, Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, Central Asia, India, China and locations in between. On the Silk Road, …

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Beauty Product Review: Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products


  Kenzoki Japanese Skincare Products are a very unique line of products that are based on the concept of reconciling harmony of mind with beauty. The Kenzoki Japanese Skincare line actually consists of four different lines which all have a natural ingredient influencing the product that is ultimately formulated to …

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Knight Flyer Agility Gears Up for It’s Fall USDAA Trial

  It’s that time of year again. Agility trial season is beginning. If you check out any of the agility calendars available online ( or you can see that, depending on where you live in the states of Louisiana and Texas, and across the country for that matter, you …

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6 Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Work

  Several good reasons exist for trying to increase your productivity at work. Being more productive should translate into higher earnings, faster promotions, and better job satisfaction. The problem is to discover how to increase your productivity on the job. A few simple hints can go a long way toward …

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Free Prescription Discount Cards on the Internet

  Are you concerned about the high price of prescription medicine? Would you be interested in saving 75% on prescription drugs at your pharmacy? Now you can with free prescription discount cards. Look at the free prescription discount cards on these websites. People can print free prescription discount cards from …

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